About Us

We are a neighborhood-based not-for-profit that is committed to improving the historic Broadway Fillmore neighborhood.   We have a dedicated volunteer board of directors.

Although we are small (5 staff), we work hard to make a difference.  Here is a short list of some of our current work:

  • We own and manage 41 affordable rental units.
  • We operate a home repair program for low-income homeowners that is 100% grant.
  • We run a commercial district program, providing grants up to $100,000 for commercial building owners.
  • We support public art projects. See our murals page.
  • We are developers. See our Cigar Factory Apartments at 595 Fillmore.
  • We provide advocacy & consulting services to the development community.

Broadway Fillmore Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. Affirmation of our Values

• We acknowledge and support these simple truths. Black Lives Matter. Racial Justice Matters. We stand with the protestors in the City of Buffalo and throughout the nation in their demand for an end to systemic racism.

• We believe that systemic and cultural racism is a major reason for the decline of our neighborhood and that it continues to be a threat to the health and prosperity of our neighborhood.

• We believe that our public safety and policing models should be based on the idea “to serve and protect” all citizens.

• We support a review and reevaluation of police funding so that our societal priorities are health, education, housing and equitable opportunities. Our current system asks the police to do more than they are equipped or trained to do, and is counterproductive in promoting safe neighborhoods.

• We will continue our good work in creating affordable housing opportunities for low-income homeowners and renters, acknowledging with humility that we serve a diverse neighborhood that is composed primarily of people and families of color.

• We will work with other organizations focused on this issue, and facilitate the work that needs to be done to achieve racial justice in our neighborhood.

• We will create opportunities to hear from the community on the issue of racial justice. We will listen proactively to suggestions from the community. We will create and publicize an Action Plan on additional steps we can take going forward.

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