Development Assistance

In addition to developing our own projects, we also provide the following services to developers:

Advocacy – if we like your project, we will advocate for it. This might be outreach to funding sources, politicians, and/or other neighborhood stakeholders.  Sometimes our most impactful work is simply connecting buyers and sellers of significant properties.

Consulting – we provide a variety of consulting services, sometimes for free, and sometimes for a fee. Our services can include initial planning, assembling the team, financial modeling, preparation of funding applications, and other services to move a project to construction and completion.

Development – although we develop projects on our own, we are also open to partnering with other not-for-profit agencies as well as for-profit developers.

If you are interested in discussing a development project, please call our Executive Director, Stephen Karnath, at 716-852-3130 ext. 3.

Broadway Fillmore NHS partnered with Preservation Buffalo Niagara (PBN), Preservation Studios and Historic East Side Neighborhood Initiative (HESNI) to establish a Broadway Fillmore Historic District in 2018.  The district provides the opportunity for developers, and existing property owners to take advantage of federal and state historic tax credits.

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